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I am new as a UX designer and I was assigned an “informal” project where ideally I design a website but I do not know where to start as it is something perhaps “new”. I find it difficult to research about and compare it with what’s out there. What I have been asked to design is a website where our stakeholders can go and check out the APIs we have developed but in a visual way. We have 5 layers where ideally people can zoom in/out in each layer to be able to see more/less. Kind of a flow. Therefore, do you know any websites with something similar to what I just explained? Also, in this type of projects where perhaps there are no other websites I can test, do I still run a usability test?

Is It a freelance project?

No, it is a project from the place I work.

You run a usability test once you have designed something to test. Where you are now, you should be doing contextual inquiry and seeing how people currently use what is available to them.

Hope that helps!

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You should go for medium. com, You should follow some helpful channels on YouTube. I would prefer, AJ & Smart, it is a design agency.

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The best place to start is always understanding fully what is expected and desired. If you can, talk to those key stakeholders, and find out what they are thinking about. The clearer a picture you have of what your stakeholders have in mind the better off you’ll be. In my experience your stakeholders will have totally different expectations in some ways and very similar expectations in other ways. Write down each stakeholders thoughts and note what and how many are the same. You never know, one of your stakeholders may even have examples of solutions or websites that you can use. (But that’s not your goal, just a nice to have.)

Let your stakeholders paint a picture of what they are looking for. Ask them questions about how they’d like to see things, and what flow makes the most sense to them. Then wireframe your idea and bring it back to them to see if that’s what they meant. Then improve it based on feedback, and so forth. Leave the usability test to when you’ve got a site worth testing.

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