Done with Boot Camp & Portfolio. What Now?


During the quarantine, I buckled down and really worked hard on my portfolio and my Bootcamp! Woot!

I’m so happy that I’m done. I have been applying for jobs on LinkedIn and Glassdoor but not even a single interview… where do I go from here?

I worked really hard through this time because I worked in Finance for 8 years and really wanted to transition into the design world. Please help!

Where do I go from here? What else do I study?

Where/ How can I apply for positions?

The portfolio is: jennykim dot me

Thank you for your feedback in advance,



Hi @jennybdoll!

Congratulations on finishing your bootcamp!

Do you have a link to your portfolio? Someone might have some feedback to help you with that.

Here are a few job boards that may help you: 9 Job Boards to Find Your Next UX Gig - UX Mastery

Hope that helps, and I’m keen to see suggestions/feedback others have :slight_smile:

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Hello Jenny! Post a link to your portfolio here so that we can see it. In case if moderators remove your direct link, post a broken link.

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Hi @amber! I just posted my link. Please check it out!

Hello Jenny,

I am doing some research on this problem.
Can you take some time to answer a few questions.

Thanks in advance,

Yes! I can answer some questions.

Please send me the questions :slight_smile:



Hi Jenny,

Congrats on finishing your program - That’s a major milestone. Don’t worry - you can successfully transition to UX, but I think you may need to re-think your website a bit. I’m on it now. Here is some initial feedback:

  1. While it’s a very clean design, it’s so clean that it may not communicate the way you intended it to.
  2. Remember that HR recruiters and hiring managers are incredibly busy. They are looking at dozens of portfolios, so if yours doesn’t immediately catch their attention, communicate your value and give them what they need they will move on to the next candidate.
  3. That means you have to give them a compelling reason to click from the moment they land on your site. For example, why should they click on your “Crease Pro” app? Because you want them to? What’s in it for them?
  4. Put your UX cap on and think about the users of your portfolio. How can you make their lives easier so that they want to contact you?

Hope that helps. It’s a super-competitive job market, but if you can clearly communicate your value and thought process you’ll start getting some traction.



@theBoringDesigner you didn’t mentioned your questions but if your questions are regarding UX Designing, read some UX blogs. I hope it’ll help you in finding solutions to your problem.

Remember, applying online only has a 2% success rate. You need to network and build relationships. Have you updated your LinkedIn profile recently?