Domestic Violence (DV) Women's Shelter Journey Mapping


Hello! I am in the process of developing the framework for a journey mapping process that will take place in late October with community stakeholders. I am new to journey mapping and up for this challenge but would surely benefit from the feedback or input of others, particularly those who may have been involved in a similar process for the social service/non-profit sector. I am open to ideas, mentorship and feedback! I have created a google drive link and will post my draft working file there. Thanks so much and please do not hesitate to ask for clarification or details on my thought process! Cheers, Karen DV JM Project Feedback


Welcome Karen.

This article and accompanying video is a great introduction to Journey Mapping.

You’ll also find some useful tips in the transcript of this journey mapping session that we held with @ruth last year. Ruth’s currently on the conference circuit, but if you have specific questions, tag her in and I’m sure she’ll jump in when she can.


Thank you Sarah! I will check these resources out and am very happy to
connect with @ruth…

I am sure you will hear from me again (soon).

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Also this:


Hi Karen,

Jessica Ender from Formulate recently finished a project with the Neighbourhood Justice Centre digitizing the Intervention Order process for people experiencing family violence in the Yarra council area. Jessica and the NJC would be really good to get in contact with about your project.
Jessica Enders:
Louise Bassett:



@formulate1 is a member here. :slight_smile:


Thanks @rohanirvine1 and @HAWK for the heads up. Haven’t been able to keep track of these forums for a while so it’s good to get pinged. :slight_smile:

@woolseynarrows I suggest you get in touch with Louise, who ran the project Rohan is referring to. Our focus was on researching the usability of the online family violence intervention order application form. Since then Louise has engaged another agency to do Service Design research (I’m a form design specialist – don’t get into that broader service stuff). I know the service design report has been delivered and wouldn’t be surprised if it contained a journey map. The Neighbourhood Justice Centre is pretty collaborative as a rule, so perhaps they would be willing to share some of what they did.

You can contact Louise at

It’s a challenging but extremely worthwhile area you’re working in. Best of luck!


Sarah ( @Hawk ) what a great piece for helping me to frame the the JM process—there is soooo much “general information” out there, it can be a little bit overwhelming—someone needs to do a journey map on learning journey mapping. I really appreciate everyone’s help and ideas put forth in this forum and will keep you all posted on my progress.


Thank-you Rohan for connecting,

I will take a look at the sites and get in touch with Jessica and Louise to explore any available options—I am hoping to find at least one JM that is related to my project so that I feel as though I am on the right track with my thinking. I have developed the framework and phases based on the change cycle identified in the DV literature from precontemplation-termination. I feel as though the potential touchpoints are many when a woman is experiencing DV and needs to leave—add onto that secrecy, the in/out cycle, combined with the fact the the entire journey is just plain scarey…such a frazzled mess. Hence my hopes for using a journey map instead of the sectors favourite linear approach…the program-centric logic model. On my way now but thank you so much- Karen


Hello Jessica @formulate, Thanks for picking up on this thread—I will get in touch with Louise and keep my fingers crossed that I will fall onto something of a touchstone to help guide me. I very much appreciate everyone’s help and guidance here—speaks to the preciousness of connections within a great community! Again, thanks- Karen