Does this page render ok?


Hey all,
I’m crowdsourcing a tech issue because one of my colleagues is seeing something screwy and I can’t repro it here.

Does the homepage at render ok for everyone? Are the nav links in the header?

He’s seeing this (on 3 browsers):


It looks good to me. I tried Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

On my iPad, I can only see his laptop, but everything else is there with a nice boundary. And it looks good on my iPhone, too.


Mobile: navigation links appear in hamburger menu on Android 6.0.1 Chrome 58.0.3029. No difference using desktop view.


On Sierra (10.12.5) and Firefox (53.0.3), Chrome (57.0.2987.133), and Safari (12603.2.4) all looks good.


Cool, thanks all.


All good for me in Chrome, Firefox and IE.


Thanks all. I’m going to assume it’s a plugin or extension of some kind on his local machine.

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