Does this job exist?


PS… don’t be scared of team of one jobs. I’m a team of one… it can be daunting (because people call you an expert), but it is never lonely and you get to work with other people collaboratively. I work with cool developers, clever designers, and a whole load of subject matter experts. Sometimes I feel lost but they all help me find the way.


YES! that’s exactly what I’m hoping for… something where I have to learn new things all the time… where things are different with every project and I’m constantly learning new things and working with new people… that sounds great! and I feel much better hearing from all these 'generalists"… you all are awesome!


Hi Max! i like your message of perseverence.:slight_smile:

Was wondering what are these solid concepts you mention? Technical or theoretical?



When it comes to concepts relating to design, there are some things that I will not bend on. For example, I’ve actually had a client argue with me that their division colors (yellow and blue) should be used for the background and text. Yes, blue…text…on a yellow background. Well, instead of killing myself I spent some time explaining a little about color theory and he finally understood. It’s proven concepts like that I’m speaking about. Color theory, Fitts Law, etc. I think that there are much smarter people than me who have spent much more time figuring these concepts out over time and I do my best to fight for them on projects because I know they work.


thank you so much for giving me an example of what you were speaking of!


@inca431 late reply here, but I am honored :slight_smile: