Does anyone here use Webflow?


I’m still immersed in learningHTML5 and CSS, as its a desirable skill, and its always good to know how things work.

I’ve also been thinking of learning to make a site using a CMS system, so as to be able to offer smallish but nice looking websites without too much developer work (small budget jobs only). I’m quite interested in Webflow, but before I spend some valuable time seeing what it can do, would be interested to see what anyone else here thinks. I could not see any mention of it in search, so apologies if this has been mentioned before.

If you have used Webflow, what do you think? Is it good value for money, does it work as well as promised? It promises a visual design approach rather than code, but how does this actually work?


I’ve used Bootstrap. Did you consider it?


I did, and given my lack of Java, PHP etc did not find it easy to use. Webflow looks more similar to desktop Apps like InDesign etc, which I am very used to.


I’ve built my website using Webflow. I didn’t really fancy using WordPress, and I had no coding ability, so it seemed like a good option.

I found it great, it was a bit of a learning curve to begin with, but the application has improved immensely over the past few years. It’s really powerful, and has some amazing template options.

Certainly take a closer look at it, some great online tutorials on YouTube.