Documenting Design Process

How do you all go about documenting your research findings, design iterations, and user feedback?

I’ve found it a lot more difficult to measure the success of a project and track its updates when the information is scattered across many different tools (or sometimes not documented at all). My goal is to find a tool that will eliminate this issue, and allow me to create templates that my team would be able to use on future projects.

Your suggestions, comments, and feedback are very much appreciated. Thank you!

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Good question, this is always a challenge for sure!

In some ”lean UX” projects (i.e. tight budget and timelines) I have been part of I have stuck with basically capturing all notes directy in Google Docs or Word, transcribing and taking notes as I am listening or observing in an interview.

Then I usally go through all the notes, and synthesize them into different themes. I try to ask a set of similar questions to all participants to make the comparison easier.

After that I document my findings into an overall presentation which describes:

  • my overall methodology
  • what roles I interviewed and when
  • limitations to the research
  • findings grouped around specific themes during the research (e.g. Documentation, onboarding, tools used, etc)
  • suggested next steps
    I usually also create some personas based on the learnings. I may also help product owners with prioritization based on said findings.

That said there are also more specific tools that may help you. E.g. Qualitative Research Software | Reframer | Optimal Workshop

Probably also a good idea to define templates for things such as NDA form, discussion guide, research plan and presentation format (personas, slideshows etc). This may be more individual to your team’s needs.

Hope this helps and feel free to DM me if you need more ideas :slight_smile:

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