Do you list client names on your portfolio site?


I am working on my portfolio site, and am wondering how many of you list past client names, or if there is anything I should be concerned about legally by doing so? I am keeping the actual client portfolio work password protected, but wasn’t sure if there was harm in showing just the names.


As long as you don’t have a non-disclosure agreement, I don’t think it’s a problem. I’ve seen other companies (not UX though) provide lists of their clients.

Personally, I’d go ahead and ask each client first.


If it’s listed in your resume/CV it’s appropriate to list it in your portfolio and probably expected by those you’re showing it to. I think the portfolio needs to align with and add some detail to what the CV only scratches the surface of.


The truth is your best ally. So long as you don’t have an NDA, you should be fine. I would, however, avoid using logos without permission.


No logos, just name dropping. No NDAs