Do you have trouble logging in (or signing up) here?


Last week I migrated these forums to a new host and during our testing today, Luke and I came across a few potential bugs with our SSO/registration/login processes. It’s a little difficult for us to troubleshoot due to caching and cookie settings.

Do you (or have you ever) had issues with logging in here?

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yes I do. I click login and then it still says login after I login.




So do you have to refresh the screen? Or login again?

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I have to login again and refresh the screen. It’s unpredictable.



Thanks. Investigating…

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Yes, i do all the time. I was thinking of taking screenshots of each action to show the usability issues of logging in.
I log in> It takes me to a screen that shows I’m not logged in and gives me 4 different options (logging in is one of them). I either have to refresh the page or press log in again and it will recognize that I’ve logged in, but it won’t take me to the forum or the specific discussion i was trying to reply in, I have to start from the parent site homepage.
I was always surprised it hadn’t been brought up, I guess we all thought it was not a universal issue.

Edit: I had these issues way before your migration. It’s been there since I joined btw.



Yes, I’ve noticed this also.