Do you follow WCAG when you design?


Hello all,

I would agree that a huge number of web designers & developers ignore the importance of accessibility. WCAG is the most comprehensive set of guidelines and it should be followed (especially the level A which is easy to catch).

I am also doing my MSc project around this problem and it would be great if you fill out this small survey:

I’m trying to find out how many web designers and developers are aware of Web accessibility guidelines and how frequent they following them.

Thank you all

Design for Accessibility Covers a Lot More than Just Color Blindness

When designing and doing the front end HTML coding I try my best to follow the WCAG. The bit I struggle with is testing the final product (after the back end devs have done their bit) to find out what our actual rating is.
I have used the WAVE tool but sometimes find that things it flags up we are unable to change due to AngularJS or .net restrictions.


Super super important for us, but we also have to follow 508 compliance (which is very similar). One issue with doing full accessibility testing is using screen readers. Generally people can pick them up and test with them, but in order to do it efficiently and well, you really need an Screen Reader expert.


We have been very fortunate recently that a lady who uses a screen reader contacted us regarding an aspect of our site she was struggling with and now we are working with her to improve the rest of the site. Without her connection it would be very difficult to know where to begin.