Do you do Journaling?


Hello Everyone,

Being a designer you observe and learn object-action-emotion around you every day. But do you note down your findings in a diary/notepad? for future reference or for better understanding?


@mattymcg is a voracious and talented sketchnoter who carries a notebook and pen around everywhere he goes. I am much less talented and tend to make notes on my phone.

What about you Jaison?


Yes, I do sketching, writing ideas and notes. Before I used to do some scribbling once in a blue moon. Recently I thought of making it as a habit, because I see a lot of benefits in the future.


I carry a notebook and pen around with me everywhere I go for a variety of reasons, one of which is noting what I like and don’t like in the design of the world around me. More often than not it’s what I don’t like that gets penned down, though I’m not sure what that says about me.

I started this habit when I was a journalist, and it’s stayed with me ever since. I usually use the Moleskin Pocket Notebook. It’s a bit more expensive than some, but holds up well and is quite comfortable in a front pocket.


@dougcollins apart from designs, do you note down any other interesting facts? like a piece of history you saw, people faces, etc?


@hawk have you ever tried keeping a physical journal? @mattymcg I am curious to know what are the things that you sketch?


Just found an article and it seems very interesting. It’s about a bunch of benefits of journaling, that I never thought of. This is the article — The health benefits of journaling.


if possible can you share a page that you liked the most from your journal? Like to see… :slight_smile:


I haven’t!


I tend to take photos of things I find interesting (pretty much everyday) so my phone is like a journal I guess.


I would never get round to looking back at what I’d sketched.


@jaisonjustus I’m going to be frank here-- a lot of what I write in my journal is somewhat inappropriate. I do standup comedy in my free time, and one of the non-professional reasons I keep my journal with me is to write down things I find funny in hopes of turning them into more developed comedic thoughts at a later time.

My sense of humor outside of work is pretty crude. As such, there’s not a page in there that I could share on this forum.


So nice to hear that you do stand up comedy and no problem about sharing the pages. I just asked because of curiosity.


I think you underestimate us! :wink:

Seriously though, stand up comedy is a pretty awesome hobby!


Mine too! Share!! :laughing: