Do you collect anything?


Off-topic question of the week! Do you collect anything?


Anything is what context?


Anything has no context. It’s… anything. :slight_smile:

Some people collect stamps for instance.


My boyfriend’s son collects dirty dishes in his room. But I don’t think that counts here. :crazy_face:


I have around 30 - 40 ceramic pieces such as bowls and vase type objects but I’m not sure I can call it a collection as I made them all myself.

My 4 year-old has started collecting stones. Not pretty stones or unusual stones but gravel from the playground which she then either puts in a pocket in the pram or in daddy’s shorts.


he’s my hero!



I am a sneaker-head, my wife says “we are the only couple in the world where the man has way more shoes than the woman
I can’t resist I always looking for special models and I spend a lot of money…