Direction of my UX role


[SIZE=14px]Hi all! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px]So lets get to it. I am currently a UX Designer in London. Working for a company that has never had UX before, and certainly do not understand it. My manager recently changed my job title to a UX analyst and told me to do more data stuff. I thought great, Google Analystics finally. I can use GA, and now I can apply my knowledge. But I have found out that by data he meant more tradition data, business/sales data. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px]Now I understand the value of this, we should combine data from various streams (usability trials, sales data, business data, GA) however, ever since this new role has started for the past 3 weeks ALL i have done is sales data. Compiling various excel sheets for different areas of the company on sales data.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px]The UX is being ignored and I can already see our products UX decreasing in value. I have to give a presentation of my new role to the company. How do I convince my boss that this just isn’t the right direction?[/SIZE]
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Hi John,

With presentations, and changes in direction it’s always good to come up with a plan, rather than just saying things aren’t the right way to go. Try and sell the business value for the different things that UX can add. So for instance, sales data and GA are good, but you really need to back them up with interviews or surveys etc because Google Analytics tell you the who, what, and how, but not the why. The why is very important and often forgotten.

My suggestion would be to present the process, and the different parts (UX mastery have a great example that can be accomplished in each phase. Give solid rationale behind why this adds value to the business and they will be more likely to jump on board. It could be that your boss doesn’t have a full understanding of UX, which is alright, you can be the advocate, help give direction and let them know that data driven design is awesome, but you still need to follow the other aspects of the process in order for that information to be useful!

Hope this helps, feel free to ask more questions :slight_smile:


That sounds like a frustrating situation @Johnlocke42. Did you get a feeling for why the role was changed in the first place?