Dimension inputs how to: Handle adding and deleting multiple options

Looking for some feedback on this little conundrum i have. I want to allow for the addition and deletion of dimensions to allow multiple rows of data entry. the addition solution is pretty elegant but the deletion part is tricky. I need to delete the whole line but having an X way out on the side seems lop-sided:

I want to do something like what is pictured below but then i run into validation or formatting problems that arent easily solved.

Thoughts on any or all of the challenge.


I think that your problem needs more context.

I would prefer functional consistency over appearance. So deletion should be dependent upon how you delete elsewhere. But I don’t see your first example as lop-sided anyway.

I imagine that deletion is much less common than addition. So you could, for example, remove the X and require row selection before displaying the X. But anything like this creates new issues, e.g. row selection is more likely to be expected in the first example with columns rather than the second.

I would expect the regex for two dimensions (like paper size) to be searchable on the Web. What other validations are there that regex can’t handle?


hi @darryl_d

I believe that there’s room to simplify the web form in terms of interactions and cognitive overload.

I tried to picture my idea here:

There are some topics not fully clear to me:

  • field validation
  • field type (number or text)

I hope it will help :wink:

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