Digital format instructions

Hi all,

I’m trying to design a set of digital instructions in the form of animations on our website and in a mobile app. The instructions are for a homebrewing product that is nearing launch. We’re very keen to stray away from physical instructions (like a printed booklet) as it’s wasteful and pretty archaic for the most part, we want to push the boundary here a little and make the best experience possible for the end customer.

I’m really struggling to find any examples of other companies and individuals managing to create a really slick set of digital instructions - whether on a website or in a mobile app.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an awesome digital instructional experience? It can be for anything from physical product to digital product to dancing etc, really anything.


Hi Duncan. Best user instructions - paperless- i have seen and use in the past ten years: How To Use a Menstrual Cup – Step-By-Step Guide - 2020

Best of luck pushing the boundaries :wink:

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Great example, thanks! Interesting they’ve used illustrations and real-image-GIFs together rather than one or the other.

Can you do some remote user research on what your key users find more useful in terms of instruction video style?