Difficulty defining personas



I’m trying to help my client increase their fashion e-commerce sales, and I’m kind of stuck in the research phase because I don’t know how to define their target users.

I was thinking I could reach out to past customer’s to understand their demographics, behavior, needs and attitude, but it has been hard, and they don’t respond back.

Are there any other techniques I could use to figure out who their users are?

Thanks in advance!



Have you considered an exit intent survey on the site?


do you have a sales/marketing/customer service team? Are you able to speak with them? They will know more about who your customers are.


Observing and interviewing end users is always ideal. If that’s lacking, then I would try to review the workflows. Different needs and personalities approach things differently. For example, Size Zero Zoe might find everything she wants and have a great transaction, but Thrifty Thelma might abandon her cart when she can’t find a coupon, and Curvy Carla might be excited to see that the site supports plus sizes, but then after looking at a few items and seeing that THOSE don’t come in her size, she leaves the site.

Personas are a helpful tool for considering the different ways people will approach your product or service. So try to figure that out and the personas should write themselves. You’ll just need to fill in details.