Differences between UX research and design research?



Just yesterday I learned about this other concept “design research”. Here’s just one article about it, but there are a lot more on the Web: https://www.ideo.com/blog/a-day-in-the-life-of-a-design-researcher

I can’t really see a difference in relation to UX research, although I must confess I still know too little about them both. Are there any differences? Which ones?

Thank you guys :slightly_smiling_face:.


That article you linked is very thin on content. High level is simply touches on the qualitative research performed. No real details in it. UX research can include qualitative research and quantitative research. Both help hone to define the problem space with what, how and why. Most forget the last one. Until the problem space is well defined, it makes for a sloppy solution space as speculation can be costly.


I’m new to all of this, but the way I’ve seen the terms used in job ads has been that ‘design researcher’ tends to be used for positions that are creating consumer and/or durable goods that may or may not include a digital interface element (like a cell phone or tablet - not the apps, but the actual object). I’ve seen ads for UX researchers that tend to imply projects that focus on the digital end of things- researching how people navigate an app, web site, etc.


According to me, User Research is when you are given case study and you have to work on it. To talk to your target audience/ observe them and much more. But, Design research is when you figuring out what will be case study. Is there really a problem to be solved?


Design research is just a more extensive description of what a UX research might mean. Design research includes any research methods which could be useful for you designated research goal. E.g., I know this book quite well…
It proposes ways, but in my opinion, there is no preset content which can be described as design research in general. The term itself only describes that you will use these methods to research design problems and use them as a starting point for your design.


Sorry it took me so long to reply. Thank you everyone for your help! I’ve been learning little by little thanks to you guys.