Difference between User Flow and Process Flow Diagram


as the title states, could someone explain what are the main differences between User Flow and Process Flow?


As I understand it, Process flow is tasked based. What needs to happen in order to complete a task, this can be automated processes, offline processes, processes by other users etc. Sometimes this is not a one sitting process, it can take days or months to complete. A Process flow can have one or many User Flows.

A User Flow is User based. What a user works through to get to a result to a particular task.

Read the below article you will understand the user flow & Process flow.

A process flow is typically what we think of as a flow chart diagram. They’re used across many industries to show both system processes and user processes. In software & UX they typically show most outcomes and decisions for a task or workflow for all users. Process flows are very detailed, and I’ve used them for legal documents like patent applications. Task flows are one version that you may commonly run into around UX/Product Development specifically. Usually process flows will use a set of standard symbols to denote decision points, states, resources (records, documents), and actors. A super simple example:

A User Flow can be a couple of things, but broadly it is a diagram for a single user or persona performing a task. The fidelity of the diagram depends on your goals, but they range from simple step descriptions to higher fidelity wireframes of the UI at each step. I’m personally a big fan of wireframe diagrams since they can show both a persona’s journey in your UI and show nuanced states of the same screen after different user actions. For more interactive applications wireframe diagrams really tell a story early in a project. A simple example of a user flow from one of my sites: