Did you transition into UX from another industry?


Web Designer > Full Stack Web Developer > UX/UI Designer.

Just starting my UX journey - hoping to be successful!


Its a function of the SDLC. I find it hard to say “the UX industry” when imo it is part of an industry.
For me it was post Uni and a function of every role of performed to differing degrees ie Telco IP engineering to Writing reports on IP performance, worked in Sharepoint for a long time, move onto Business Analysis, Systems Analysis, large scale enterprise Web Apps, DB Analyst, Test analyst, Project Management, all of which have UX as a functionality within their process required. Which is why I dont believe in the UX as an “industry”, I believe in UX skills, I believe in UX is needed to able to develop what the customer wants. Im not a fan of watering it down similar to Im not a fan of seeing Technical Business Analyst roles filled by general Organistional Business Analysts whose real background is process writing and org structure work etc.

I think there is a large difference between someone who teaches themselves web design and calls them selves a UX designer than UX design as a professional function. The former wouldnt get employed in large coporates to do the UX design that the BA and SA’s do, or the dedicated UX designer shared by the pool of BAs etc. I dont think it would be fair to misguide people into thinking designing Web Pages is going to have them employed in large Enterprise system design.


My path - 3D artist/ VFX artist > Graphic Designer > UX/UI Designer


Geeze Id swap a career in big name Telcos to be an Architect any day of the week. Just goes to show we all think the grass is greener…

How much more Human Design can you get than Architecture, makes building $20m Web Apps boring.


@boatiesnz the answer is a lot more. The reality of architecture is that it is about money and profit, not people.
Unless you do humanitarian work or volunteer, it is pretty much about making something nice and shiny for another rich person to play with. Oh and the more money people have, the worse taste…!


That’s why I quit it.


Sounds like System Design/UX/UI HAHA jokes.

Yes sometimes I get regrets when I was architecture TV but thats not the reality of the fulll job just the process of a house going up.