Did you transition into UX from another industry?


Construction laborer > Building industry retail/large commercial sales > Construction Project Management > Warehouse Management > Customer Support > UX Design > User Research

I found that understand the needs of do-it-yourselfers and contractors for building projects prepared me for understanding the needs of people using software and websites. The project management and warehouse management help me transition to service design/workflow concepts.


That’s one of the more unique backgrounds I’ve heard. It might overlap well with a lot of the industrial ergonomics components for job-site evaluation. The projects I’ve done in that area are pretty good experience for demonstrating how a small, repeated physical problem is usually reflective of organizational shortcomings further up the chain.


Web Development & IT Support > Developer > Military > Retail Sales Associate > Border Control > Learning UX

I’ve always been fond of Visuals and graphics when i was younger. Like motion Graphics, Interactions, Graphic Designs…through the different industries i’ve been working, i’ve realise that there are areas where user experience can be improved but no one really place an eye on it. I;m coming to UX from my experience in designing/web development. I just feel the need to improve things and experiences.


High school visual art teacher > EFL teacher (Japan) > EFL teacher (Australia) > Business systems trainer > HTML/CSS trainer > In-house trainer/consultant > Freelance web developer > Front end web developer > Technical business analyst > Senior UX Consultant …


Hi there, i’m new to the forum.

Mine goes Event Management > Naturopathy > Mental health nursing > currently feeling an alien in my first week of a UX Bootcamp in Sydney.


Mine is simple, Visa Officer to UX.


Welcome! Glad you’re here.

Nah, you got this. If you have questions that we can help with, feel free to ask for support.


Thank you so much Hawk!


Software engineer (7 years) -> Learn UX -> Practise, attend meetups -> Quit software engineer job -> Currently on a break. Working on some self initiated projects and learning more each day.


Here’s mine:

Studies in English Lingustics (I’m Polish) -> Working at a hotel as a receptionist (2 years) --> Sourcer/Recruiter (4 years) --> Risk Management Specialist (mistake, 6 months) --> Digital Producer ( 6 months ) --> UX/UI but very very junior :slight_smile:

I think I didn’t see many HR people amongst UXers :slight_smile: Am I worng? What led you to this path?


Industrial (product) design - - > landscape architecture --> UX (almost, still working on it)

  • I wanted to be an artist when I was growing up.
  • I did a BTec National Diploma in Design with a specialism in Graphic Design
  • I then did another year of Graphic Design at uni before dropping out.
  • I got a job as a junior web designer/front-end developer/customer support/SEO/server management/Tech Support/domain manager/everything else.
  • I then got various jobs doing different balances of design - FE development in large e-commerce companies varying from fashion to lingerie to adult products.
  • I got fed up of being pulled to FE dev when I want to do design and gradually built an interest in UX.
  • I got my first job in UX but left as they weren’t ready for a UX person.
  • I am now doing UX work as a freelance while looking for a perm role hopefully doing something other than e-commerce as I have been doing that for 15 years!


Post-Production Audio Engineer > Help Desk Technician > Webmaster > Content Manager > Front-end Web Developer > Content Strategist / Content-Focused UX Designer

It’s been an interesting road and I’m still learning a lot. :smiley:


Hey Anne! Good to see you round this place again.


After college. Tele-Surveyor-> Fashion Retail-> Cafe and Restaurant service attendant -> International Airlines Flight Attendant -> Airline Checkin service attendant -> Airline passenger service rep -> Airline recruitment -> Airline HR Project manager -> Primary school teacher -> Mandarin/ESL language teacher -> UX designer


I’ve been in HR! I know what’s it like and why we are changing directions unless it’s Recruitment :slight_smile:


You might be good to speak to since we’re trying to improve airline boarding @dougcollins


Thanks, Hawk! Good to be back. :slight_smile:


Hi Hawk. Another architect here… hopefully transitioning to UX for a more creative and fulfilling life!


Front-end Developer/Web Producer > UX Designer