Dev Code Audit - UX requirements


Hi All, me again.
While looking at some data on a website project I am doing the UX for, I’ve noticed some pages create more friction and frustration than most. I narrowed it down to some bug, elements that don’t interact well once clicked on (videos, buttons etc) and page render times on popular pages.
Our dev team is overseas and I want to request how the dev team is auditing their code and what kind of reporting to expect from them.
We do create tickets for bugs from time to time however I’m looking for a wholistic approach, without stepping on any toes!
Any advice?


do you have a QA team? They should take care of bugs and see them through. If you don’t then who is in charge of maintaining quality before shipping? Whoever that is, speak to them about where to prioritise your tickets

in my view, if bugs from dev are impacting your remit (UX) then escalate it to the product owner. Page load for example is important. Studies show that users will leave your website if they have to wait too long. It’s a bad user experience and should definitely be escalated. How did it get shipped in the first place? There could be a problem with QA, process, requirements, handover etc


I was shocked to learn this morning that there isn’t a formal QA team - the client is in charge of the dev team and it seems like it isn’t part of their scope. I am now pushing to bring QA on our side so I can have more control over it with our dev team :slight_smile: thanks for the advice. The page render times are affecting some user’s exeprience of the site, it has been largely ignored until I tooke over the UX.