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Hey Steven,

I understand your concerns and this seems to be a bit more of a larger concern with the online boot camp path as a whole. Coming from Career Foundry as a student still and not even half way done with the course I could answer a lot of this since I did my own research prior to joining any boot camp at all. Yes, its a large endeavor that requires some money and a lot of time along with hard work. All the courses are made so you do and get real life hands on experience that employers look for along with a strong portfolio. I can’t speak directly for UX Academy but at CF the final goal is to have done the processes that a real UX designer would have done during a project. We build our portfolios with this content and get real-time feedback from people already in the field along with career coaching etc. So to be blunt it’s worth it as long as your willing to put the time and effort into the course yourself.

I suggest hopping onto Linkedin if you have a profile or create one and look at people who have these courses as part of their education and see what they are doing now. I find a lot of my peers and alumni have finished the course and graduated and are working in the field.

If you have any questions in relations to CareerFoundry and their courses etc let me know. I can speak directly for them. And of course, any other unrelated questions please also let me know, helping someone new to the field is something we all do here!




We’ve got one!


Uh I’m sorry :sweat_smile::tired_face: I misread and mis mentioned. That’s actually @horseradish1 that was in UX Academy. I’m sorry if I asked you to review a program you’re not really on lol.

Hey @horseradish1 if you could, could you write us a review of your exprience and job guranteed that’s been promised on UX Academy. There’s actually not a single one 3rd party review of UX Academy in the interwebs, it would be nice if you could write it on UXMastery as an article so their reviews for UX courses got this add up. It’s 5 years already since it’s founding and still nobody have reviewed the UX Academy yet, it would be nice if we could finally have one


Thanks @HAWK. But I red your article and I wanna ask is it really just published this Feb 2017? Because it felt to me that it’s kinda outdated. The images the descriptions of the program are kinda outdated. I’m reaching out on all those programs since I’m all looking out for them and I can tell that they’re kinda outdated, so are price which could be shocking for the readers. It’s hard to determine each reviews if they’re outdated or not since there’s no date written to each reviews to determine how long since it’s been written and for transparency. I hope we have that next time.

Also I hope we’ll have a updated reviews for UX Academy and for Career Foundry since they both changed and improves their curriculum these days. Also I hope we got to have another review for Career Foundry’s new Certified UX Designer which is I think more rigorous and robust than the regular UX Design course, so also for UX Designer program even tho they’re very expensive, I want to have perspective if is still worth the money


Yes – it really was. It was written in January.


Hi Mike,

Could you please say a bit more about your experience with CF? I am literally about to sign up and have some last minute doubts and started rethinking it again and thinking if maybe I should go for DL…What I am afraid of the most is that it seems like the whole experience very much depend on the mentor so I am curious what you think about that? Also, if you could just let me know your thoughts on how it has been going for you and what are the pros and cons that would be great! Many thanks!

Best wishes,


Hi Paulina and @hope_miller

You both asked similar questions so I will double up and answer them here…

So far ( I am about 50% done) I am extremely happy with CF and have very minimal complaints (more like feedback as I was one of the early access students to the new program) about the program.

You get both a Mentor and Tutor when you join the UX school and both are extremely beneficial in their own ways. I rest assure you that the team at CF will make every effort to place you with a Mentor and Tutor that match you well. I have yet to hear someone with problems with their Mentor and Tutor outside of time differences and they were swapped 1 day into the course.

The program is very in depth on topics, has a lot of material and a SUPER supportive community on Slack that is priceless for nearly anything in our journey. Portfolio reviews, interactive 1 on 1s with career specialist and just great networking come from it.

I will say the program does require a lot of initiative on your part. You need to do a lot of reading and studying as there’s a lot of supportive links and outside material they provide as well. You are your future and what you put in is what you get out, no one is holding your hand or harassing you weekly to get stuff done. Your mentor may not approve an exercise if they feel you didn’t meet the requirements and it could be multiple iterations of Wireframes you did that you need to redo. Its all about having that drive.

I don’t know much about the DL program and cant make any comparisons, but if your looking to career change, CF has it all and the support to make it happen and that’s why I chose them. I have 0 regrets about that decision.

If you have additional questions or need help with something, let me know as I would be more than happy to support you. Also @laura is a phenomenal person and resource at CF that can get you started :slight_smile:

Talk soon!


Thanks so much for the update on your experience @CoolMike90!

In the new program format, they have the 3 specialization courses towards the end-- I’ve been trying to find out if you have access (and are required) to take all 3, or if you chose just one specialization?

Also, since the program is international I was wondering about the Slack community discussions and communications-- are there challenges in terms of language?

I think I saw somewhere that you’re in NY-- I’m in the NYC metro area and was wondering if you found many CF people in the region? (I see plenty of strengths to participating in a program that’s international, just to be clear-- just wondered since some programs I’ve looked into actually seem to specify that participants must have strong fluency in English.)

Really encouraging to hear you’ve had a good experience so far! Thanks again for responding and hope to hear from you on the above :slight_smile:



Thank you so much for your quick response Mike, it was very helpful. And I am happy to hear that your experience with CF has been so good.

I have one more question, hope that’s ok, regarding the tools that they use. I am not sure what your background is, but as mine is in project management and events I am a bit worried that for a total newbie like me it is going to be difficult to use the tools like Sketch or UXPin if the mentor or the lessons are not explaining how to use them. But as far as I know none of the available online courses explain how to use those…would you say that I should prepare in advance before starting the course and make sure I know how to use the tools or do you think it is going to be easy enough to get to know them while in the course?

Thank you again so much for your help. Have a nice day!



Hi, all… so just a quick update on DL. We aren’t sure yet, but they may be changing their guarantee… I’ve emailed Harish for clarification and will post as soon I receive the details…



Yes they do! Its actually after the immersive section of the course so I haven’t gotten there yet but from what I can tell you choose one to focus on. I’m sure there’s an option where you can go through the exercises for all three if you finish the course work early.

Slack from what I’ve seen is 100% English spoken and everyone is fluent even though you are speaking to people across the world.

Ironically one of the early access students was from Tarrytown in Westchester. I never had a chance to network with our NYC people much because for me to get down there for a meeting would be tough since I am 1.5 hours north by train, however I can tell you there’s specific region channels in Slack and NYC’s is pretty active last I remember ( I generally hang out in the Portfolio and Career channels.)




Tools is always a topic when joining a course I noticed and yes every Mentor will give you a different opinion on what to use since there are quite a few industry standards.

Personally I haven’t had the need to use any tools yet outside of Power Point, Illustrator, and Prott which is a prototyping tool you can learn to use on the fly. When submitting work for exercises, a lot of it is done in presentation style PDF format where you can get creative and make it look beautiful for your portfolio and that’s why I used illustrator for an assignment I had to do a timeline for. But they provide you with an immense amount of templates for your work also.

If I were you, maybe toy around with Sketch and UXPin if you want to get a feel for it and use some free resources to learn a little about them but that’s even extra curricular honestly and not necessary.



Great, thanks so much @CoolMike90! This is all really helpful!!


Yes, thank you so much @CoolMike90 for sharing your experiences with us here. Huge help!


Hello, I am self taught graphic and web designer with 18 years of work experience and I would like to switch my career to UX designer. I have been reading a lot of all reviews but I have not found much about
I am very much interested in this course, does anybody have experience with them? The price is a big factor to me as I can not afford to pay courses as DL or CF. Thank you very much!


I have enrolled to their course.
I will be starting next month. Will keep you posted on how it goes


Uxdesigninstitue, as it stands, is fairly new. However, the people behind it have been doing workshops and online training for a while. I did the self-paced online course a few years ago when it started and it was pretty good.