Designlab's new UX Academy program



Hi MIke,

Thanks for the encouraging words! What is IDF? Also that’s awesome that you signed up for a bootcamp! I hope it goes well and you find an awesome job after you are done. I will definitely need to look at Career Foundry again although I am leaning more towards DesignLab’s UX Academy course at the moment but I will definitely need to do more research as there is so much information out there on UX and the different courses.

I have the same thoughts on finding a job afterwards and that is what worries me the most about switching careers. The job market isn’t great in general and I am not sure how employers will look at someone with a 3 month bootcamp background that is looking to switch careers. I think it is worth the risk thought and I am prepared to do something like an internship if I need to before moving to a more permanent job. I am also in a big metropolitan area (Chicagoland) so I am hoping that helps. Anyway, I definitely look forward to seeing updates on your bootcamp experience as I am very curious about the new revised course CareerFoundry is offering! :slight_smile:



That website looks really cool, thank you! I just started the UX course on TeamTreeHouse but will check this out next. :slight_smile:


If you’re interested in any of the courses, take advantage of UX Mastery discounts by going through the links on this page. (Full transparency: we do get a % of each sale.)


Will do, thanks again! If I sign up I will gladly do it through the UX Mastery link for the discount. Plus I am glad this website will get a % as I have already benefited a ton from all of the free information on here.


Super good idea to go from basic / free resources into IDF. It’s kinda the “next step” when learning in my opinion. From there you can go into a full blow MOOC / Bootcamp like Career Foundry or the others. Its a wonderful stepping stone and good resource to have even after you’ve finished a majority of the courses.


Thanks for the input! I have been reading the free articles they have on there and it indeed does seem like a really helpful resource. I am glad you mentioned it! :slight_smile:


I’m in DesignLab’s UX Academy now. Just starting with week 3, out of 24 weeks - A little early to make a judgement call on how good it is, but I’ll update as things go on.


hey @horseradish1 -

Would love to hear what you think about the experience so far. I’m set to start the program in the May cohort and would love any insights you could share!


So far, I’m really liking DesignLab. I have a good relationship with my mentor, who lives in Mexico - we meet online in video chats. He’s told me that he also mentors for Career Foundry’s UX program - and he says that the UX Academy is mostly the same material, but that DesignLab has a capstone project after the initial learning phase to further cement the knowledge, and to improve your portfolio.

Whether you’re doing the 3-month 0r 6-month track, it’s a lot of stuff to keep up with - and it’s easy to fall behind, so definitely try to do everything right away, and budget more time than you think you need to get everything done.


Hi Elizabeth, I also start on the May cohort. If you’d like to connect and share ideas once the course starts, i’d be more than happy to. My idea is to get about 3/4 people on board who want to share ideas and knowledge on a weekly basis. I think it could make a huge difference.


Awesome DavidJay, I would be totally up for that. Let’s get back in touch around the start date


Sounds awesome. thanks for the info and glad to hear it’s going well.


Basically, the first phase of the course goes as follows:

  1. Intro to User Experience (what is it?). You should invest time in learning Sketch here.
  2. Design Research techniques.
  3. Synthesis of your research.
  4. Interaction Design, using results of your research. Information Architecture, User Journeys, Wireframing.
  5. Prototyping, based on what you built in the interaction design unit. Usability testing with your prototypes.
  6. User Interface design, based on feedback from your usability testing.

That’s it. Then the second phase is repeating the entire first phase, but more quickly, on a capstone project. Make it sing.
The third phase is putting it all together into a portfolio, mock job interviews, networking, etc.

I’m still in the first phase, making prototypes.


There have been a lot of amendments to the course, which take effect form the beginning of May.

It’s all a little vague on just how much the course has changed, though.


Hi David,

I am starting UX Academy today as part of the May cohort and am interested in connecting if you still are! Also, from what I understand the course was revised and improved in a few ways. There is now a greater emphasis on UI and visual design, a course rubric, improved Capstone projects and a few other things. I enquired about this through email as I was also curious about the changes. I think it will be a good experience. If anyone else following this thread has questions please feel free to get in touch.


Hi Kal,

Great to hear from you!

I think to fully understand the changes, we’d have to take the previous
course. They strike me as quite an honest business though, so I think the
difference in price will be justified. :slight_smile:

Excited, and a little nervous now. Just waiting for the email to come
through to begin!


You are right and yes I think the price is definitely worth it after speaking to a few people that took the course already. Also, I know what you mean I am waiting for that email too!


Have you downloaded slack? I’m quite looking forward to that part of the

I took the 101 course and there wasn’t many people willing to communicate -
should be different with this course i think.


Hey. It’s already June now, I just want to ask how are your experience there on UX Academy. I felt like admitting there, but for a citizen of a developing country like me and for a person that’s been dreaming breaking out as an unpopular UX Designer profession on this country right away (because our college education doesn’t really support nor have arts or UX related courses or schools offer it here, and because I just don’t feel and like the college education system and it’s culture at all, if felt like time wasted, effort wasted, so many money wasted, yet you barely learn anything at all, atleast on college curriculum here) I just want to know if the money is all worth it (I even can’t afford it yet tbh, for Americans or other else it still cheap but that’s a whole grand for us in developing countries. I still keep dreaming tho and still researching in case I could afford and admit on that 6 month life changing program. Maybe I’ll set up a crowdfunding or find someone to sponsor me a scholarship or something just to afford that?) I’m expecting to maybe guaranteed to have a job right away as they promised to have a career services (but as they’eve said themselves, the odds for international students are low), maybe help me have a job overseas, in the Silicon Valley or somewhere else, help myself and my family as I give back from the job I got and live independently.

For all these years after that program launched back in 2012, no one have ever reviewed that program and I want to hear someone in the interwebs (I mean I searched the internet, barely any reviews from Design Lab, if there’s any it’s their shorter specific courses, nothing for UX Academy) say something good about it. If you may, I think you’ve already passed the program, maybe you’re on Phase 3 right now or even in a job, maybe you could write a review once and for all for people like me. I really really want this UX Academy than anything else on the market out there, their website is good, that’s a sign of professionalism and what attracts me the most is they’re a platform. It means you’re like on virtual college really than just watching videos about your education. It’s like you’re paying for the whole virtual experience of a college solely for you to break out as a UX Designer.

Please tell me if that’s what I really think it is. Please write a review if you’re comfortable at saying things now or if you’re really finished now