Designlab's new UX Academy program



Very interesting! I have to be honest though, it’s people like yourself who make me nervous about embarking on this journey since I have no professional experience at all in any design related field, completely self-taught and I never finished my degree.


Here’s a little update for those who were wondering how it’s going…


Hi everyone,

thanks so much for sharing your so far experience with UX Academy. Your feedback is extremely helpful as there are not much reviews online.
I’m still trying to decide between 10hr/week and 20hr/week track. 20hr seems kind of crazy right now and not sure how doable it will be since I work full time and deal with a long commute everyday. But I would really like to finish it within this year as well. How manageable is 20hr/week track for you? Are you currently working full time as well? I’ve been working as a graphic designer and decided to take the course to further and expand my career. I’m actually nervous as well as UX is a totally different beast from what I do.

I’m a graphic designer based near by Los Angeles. I did receive an email with a link to an application from Harish on Saturday. I had additional questions and he hasn’t responded since then though.

Great to hear you’ll be enrolling in the May cohort too! What made you decide to take the course?


So exciting to connect with those who will be in the May cohort. Have you heard about Springboard? The cost is cheaper $598 for 12-15hrs/day or 2 months, $897 for 8-10hrs/day or 3mos, $1196 for 6hrs/day or 4 mos. But it would be about 100 hours of work as opposed to DL’s 400 hours of work. I submitted my application for DL but haven’t heard anything yet.


I submitted my application yesterday as well. It said they will be sending another email with further steps around mid April. I did look into Springboard. I liked the cheaper cost and flexible hours but 100 hours didn’t seem enough. Has anyone heard of Bloc? It looks really appealing as well. The cost is more expensive $4,999 and seems intense (540 hours) though.

Here’s more info I found on Bloc:


@Sasheika, sorry for the delayed response. UX Academy is offered through DesignLab. It’s their longer, more intense course. I think the short UX courses on DesignLab are great, but everyone I have mentored on UX Academy is really struggling with the timing of the course, as in how long it takes. I think CareerFoundy is a bit better for freelances because it does have a bit of focus on working with clients. I wouldn’t say that’s the best one, just has a little more to do with it.


Hey Everyone, figured I would join in the conversation here. Thanks @UXJeremy and @Sasheika for your insights. I just submitted my application for the May cohort as well. It was definitely a hard decision with all the schools out there right now. I have a buddy who mentors for Bloc and from talking to him it seems like a real solid program. The reason I went with DesignLab is the cost and the 6 month money back guarantee if you don’t find a full time or freelance job. I was working towards my M.Ed in Education Tech but after taking a web development class and learning more about UX I decided to make a switch and since I already invested some money into that program I decided I needed to save money where I can and after talking with Harish it seems like DesignLab is just as good as any other program.

Right now I am preparing myself by learning html/css and javascript through treehouse. My goal is not to get to proficient, but just to familiarize myself to make me attractive in future job interviews.

I am currently an instructional designer, there a some parallels between that and UX but there is still alot of new stuff to learn. I have notes I took from my conversation with Harish if anyone is interested.

Anyway I look forward to connecting with more of you who are interested or who are going to be in the May cohort…hopefully I get in. One thing I have learned being and instructional designer is the importance of your own personal learning networks. I am not sure if DesignLab utilizes slack but if anyone is interested maybe it would be a good idea in the future to start a slack group for everyone learning in DL and those who are interested.


Hi everyone, I figured ill join too haha but I like all the information here about the program and i just submitted a application for the may course as well. I’m a little nervous because I’m a self taught designer and I too don’t have any real world experience as a ux designer. But i’m also very excited at the same time!


As a self-taught designer, you’re already a bit ahead of the game! You’ll do great, @DJyep.


@UXJeremy I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it, and yeah looking forward to your feedback.


Has anybody heard back from harsh for the May course yet ?


Hey, all… I spoke with Harish last week, and also sent in an application for the May cohort… however, he mentioned that it probably won’t start in May, more likely June. He said, as you all know, that they are still working on making the course amazing! and as a result, they are making changes based on student (user!) feedback… so they have some changes to make before the next cohort starts. In the meantime, he suggested it’s a good idea to take their Design 101 course, or, if you’ve already taken that, the other course he recommended (that won’t be focused on too much in the long program) is the Branding course.


Thanks for the update @inca431! It would’ve been nice if they had let us know.


Hi @tiff,
I’m actually a mentor for both programs. :slight_smile: I feel like UX Academy is still getting their feet under them a bit and need to do some more work on the curriculum. CF just updated their curriculum so it’s better. Just my 2 cents.

Good luck!


Thanks @jdebari- It’s really nice to get feedback coming from a mentor. Both sound great with their own pros and cons. I do like the fact CF offers UI and UX design as separate courses so you can learn each in more in-depth. The downside of that would be that it would take double the time and cost.


oh wow, yeah like what @tiff said, I wish they would of let us know that it might start in june.


I’ll call someone from DL into this thread for some clarification.


Thank you so much! That would really help us all out.


In case anyone is interested… CF will be increasing their price to $2999 as well starting April 21st and will offer money back guarantee if you don’t find a job in 6 months. You still get the same guarantee even if you sign up before 21st. If you sign up for 2 courses they offer discount. Hope this helps.


Hey, all… I just received my acceptance to DesignLab UX Academy… so those must be going out today. Anyone in LA who is taking the couse starting in June, I’d love to have a study group get together once/week!