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Thanks jdebari! I’m looking at Springboard and UX Academy right now at DesignLab, trying to come to some decision. I’m a current UI designer looking to transition into more UX/UI or product design work, preferably within mobile app design. So, this helps!


Hey Guys I know a lot of you are looking into the best fit for all. I have taken the UX course with CareerFoundry and I ssssooo happy I did. I was able to get the basics for UX and I’m still learning for sure. You will never stop learning they have a lot of new stuff even after I started… pretty much they listen to theirs students, that is how they get one mentor and one tutor through the whole course. Meaning CF staff does listen and wants best for their students. Well I am wrapping up with the UI course. Again this my experience and I’m happy I did. No matter who you guys choose you have to be proactive and do the work. Try to email every one and get your questions answers and keep on talking to each place. Let me know if you need more feedback.


Hi @nathanphilsteele

I am currently taking UX course with CareerFoundry. The coursework covers basics of UX design and I am learning really a lot with materials and sources they share for each task.
Also, my tutor is very helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable. It is so important to have a right tutor to not only learn a lot, but also to stay motivated.
Throughout this course, I used Sketch, UXPin, InVision, Illustrator and Photoshop to build my portfolio, but you are free to choose other tools.
Ah also, It is the 6 month course, but you can finish it earlier if you want to. I am trying to finish it in 4 months :slight_smile:

I hope you will find the course you like!



Hello all!
I am also taking a UX course with CareerFoundry now! I am a total beginner but thanks to the detailed coursework, my inspiring tutor and mentor (seriously they give me always timely, helpful and encouraging feedback) and the community with great atmosphare (slack, messaging… it’s an online course but you never feel lonely because you can ask help anytime to the other students or people from CareerFoundry), I’ve been enjoying and fully motivated all the time :slight_smile: I’m still in the middle of the course so I don’t know how I am going to be as a UXer when I finish it, but so far so great!
Unfortunately I don’t know about the other course but CareerFoundry is definetly recommended :wink: Recently a friend of mine enrolled a UI course with CareerFoundry (recommended by me hehe).
Hope my comment helps you somehow!



I just began coursework for DesignLab’s UX academy.

I looked into General Assembly’s full-time and part-time courses, and Career Foundry, but made my decision on a couple of factors:

  1. DesignLab costs less, and there’s more hours of work in the course, so just the hard numbers suggest that it’s more bang for your buck.
  2. I have two friends here in Oakland, California who have created content in some form for DesignLab, and they both speak well of the program.

Too early yet to say how it’s going - I only just started this week on the part-time track, but I’ll keep updating.


@horseradish1, I’m now trying to decide between General Assembly’s full-time UXDI program and DesignLab’s UX Academy-- I’d love to hear how your experience has been with DesignLab! Could you give an update? Thanks!


I just received an email from UX Academy telling me that it no longer has the job guarantee for students who pursue anything other than traditional UX/UI. I will have to get clarification if this includes interaction design? and visual design? But @HAWK , would you like me to update my review to include new information? I can email Harish for more details…


I think that would be a good plan. Have you still got @natassja’s contact details? She’ll be able to get that organised for you.


Wow, I’m glad I came back here to check on Designlab reviews. I also just got this e-mail on 7/21 and e-mailed Harish for clarification. I am still waiting for a reply but now it almost sounds like a concerted effort to find reasons to disqualify students from their guarantee.


@youX I’ve email Harish again for more clarifications and asked him to post the specifics on the announcement thread on Slack. Now that I realize I’m not the only one who has received that email, I’ll push harder for more clarifications and will update here as well as with @natassja to add to any reviews I’ve written.


@youX @HAWK @natassja
UPDATE on my DL status…
so I spoke with Harish. Mostly it looks like my UI skills are really lacking and that’s where DL is focusing its students in order for them to get entry jobs. We are trying to figure out if DL will offer some extra training to me in order to get me up to speed. Harish did offer to honor the guarantee because he felt that DL was not equipped to do career services for someone without minimum UI skills (DL has added a lot UI classes to their online program since I graduated in Oct.) I told him I’m willing to commit to whatever training is necessary, so I expect to hear back by end of day Monday with what DL thinks I need to do. I’ll keep you updated.


Good luck Chris.


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