DesignLab UX Academy Capstone projects



Hi all

I’m contemplating taking part in Designlab UX Academy, not in the group that is about to start this month but possibly early next year depending when the next one will start. I’m curious though, will the capstone projects change each time the program is run? As great as it is to come out of the whole thing with some solid projects to include in your portfolio it won’t be as good if everyone winds up having the same projects on display. As more and more courses are run more people will wind up with the same projects to show? A long list of UX designers showcasing slightly different Tidal TurnUp apps? I would be interested in hearing from some people who are in the know or who work at DesignLab to find out more about the syllabus and more importantly the project work.


Hey @danny_j_w86 – good to hear from you.

@inca431 recently finished the Designlab UX Academy and I know that @youX planned on joining too, but I’m not sure what the timeline for that is.

Calling @harish @daniel and @paige


Haven’t been on here in awhile but decided to drop in to offer my thoughts after I got an e-mail notification. I actually signed up for the November cohort, so I haven’t started yet and can’t help you out here.

From my research, I will say that I did read similar criticism of (I think it was) General Assembly’s UX programs, and how it was easy to spot the capstone projects in a portfolio. I imagine most of these boot camps will have a similar problem, even though some of them allow you to choose from a selection of projects to work on.

I think you just have to decide what you are looking for and find the best value you can get. For me, I am looking for the best way to build UX knowledge and skills from basically nothing so for me, UX Academy’s stated curriculum, pricing, and guarantees seemed to be the best fit. If you truly need one of a kind capstone projects, I think you might need to look into more traditional (and expensive!), in-person programs.

Best of luck!


Thanks for the response! Yep, it is a little bit concerning that the projects will be easily spotted by potential employers but like you said I guess it’s all about what you want from the course. I’ve already done an in person certificate course in HCI so I have the fundamentals down. For me right now it’s more about expanding on what I know and putting it in to practice and fleshing out my portfolio. The project work along with the mentoring is what appeals to me most, it would just be nice if the projects changed each time these courses ran so all of us aspiring UX designers don’t wind up with the same work.