Designing loading screens

Hello all, i’ve recently been tasked to ‘design a loading page’ for a new position. I think the fact that no other information was given, is the test itself. The company provides online tools around automation/IA. I know virtually nothing about their products. (Sorry for lack of info).

Right now, my idea is to create a feature with different components for different scenarios.

Anyhow, I would like to ask you all a few questions - your input as users would be really valuable.

  1. What do you dislike about loading screens
  2. What do you expect to see on a loading screen?
  3. Is there anything you know of, that improves your experience whilst waiting?
  4. What is the maximum amount of time you will wait before getting fed up?

Also, as a UXer, any tips on how you would go about this task? Would appreciate any additional input if you have it.

  1. Bright colors that fills the entire screen
  2. Simple and clear message / picture related to product / project
  3. When I click a button, display the skeleton of next screen in the background of loading symbol (like that of Facebook) so that we know that what comes next
  4. Not more than 3-5 seconds (Recommended)

I would recommended you to create your own .gif image.

hey @davidquill_ux
I’m sure this topic has plenty of opinions in terms of design options and facts in terms of user satisfaction. Did u search for data regarding the possible solution to this problem/need?

Here’s my answers to your questions:

As a designer, I would try to empathise with the different persona types to check how much stress/overload I’m providing to them with the solution/POC I’ve opted for. In a nutshell I would be focused on the problem (the suer HAS to wait in order to do something) and not on the possible solution (let’s give him a loading/progress bar to look at)

Thanks for your input - took note of the replies. I decided to provide the user with the option to watch a quick video about any new features - or whatever video related content the business felt the user would like to watch.


that’s a good idea!

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