Designing Discussion Experiences

Hey everyone,

I’ve been looking for some comprehensive resources on what goes into designing or mapping a good discussion experience. I’m specifically interested in contextualized in-margin discussions a la google docs if anyone has experience with things like that.


Source: Yellow Slice

Data Science + Design Thinking:[Process of Amalgamation to Perfection] -

Importance of Design Thinking in Today’s World

In the complex, ever-changing world of today, innovation and creativity are essential tools to solve business problems. The earlier ‘one size fits all’ strategy is not going to work anymore. Owing to the digital revolution, the customers are aware of their choices. Countless brands are struggling to grab their attention. The one that solves their problem in the most customised and innovative fashion will hit the jackpot. An article in Harvard Business Review mentioned a seven-year study which looked at 50 projects from a number of sectors, including business, health care, and social services. It was seen that design thinking could potentially do for innovation what Total Quality Management (TQM) did for manufacturing. It could release people’s creative energies, improve processes, and get them more committed.