Designing a search experience



I’m in the process of planning some enhancements to our application’s search feature. Basically, it’s a large catalog of medical tests necessitating sorting, filtering, etc., and it does have a taxonomy. It’s built with Elasticsearch, and it will have “preferred” results.

At this point, I’m just looking for good examples of existing search UIs or search patterns whereby a user can EITHER 1. browse similar items in the same category OR 2. easily retrieve an item when they know exactly what they’re looking for AND 3. access a potentially growing number of filter options/search facets.

Recommendations for some websites or applications with robust search features, with good UX?


I don’t know of any off hand but will tweet this to get you some eyes on it.


Might find something useful at there’s a couple sections for search in there.


Thanks. I appreciate that :slight_smile:


I didn’t have much luck I’m afraid!


No worries. Thanks for trying :slight_smile: