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A couple months ago I finished a project as a UX consultant. I kicked in the door and sized up the issues they were facing pertaining to their desires, identified root causes in the org, and gave them some suggestions on how to move towards their goal.

Thing is, I’d never quite done that before. I until then always worked as a project manager and ux designer. they’re not the same.

I came out of the experience having learned a lot and failed a lot. i suspect most of the work will be lost on them, and that it’s my fault.

here’s a list of things i think i could improve on:

  • navigate, connect with, and motivate people in the org
  • identify organizational red flags
  • use parts of org to help solve problems in other parts
  • find ways of sharing numerous insights with them (multiple ‘powerful’ stakeholders)

Because the designer-consultant delta posed such a complex problem for me, I have numerous challenges analyzing it.

At this point, I’d be happy to increase the amount of managing and consulting perspective into my life. Can you recommend anything that is, or seems, related?

Apologies if I’m unclear - in which case, please feel free to freely associate topics or authors you think are related.

As usual, thank you for everything and best wishes :slight_smile:

Check out the book Build Better Products by Laura Klein. It’s not specifically about consulting, but it does have some good info on working with various stakeholders and motivating them. Another book to check out is the UX Team of One by Leah Buley. It has a lot of stuff in there, but it has some information that may be useful on building UX champions when you are the only UX person.

Hope that helps!


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