Design Ideas


Hello everyone,
I need help with my design project. The goal is to design for one of the seven cardinal sins: pride, greed, lust,envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth.
I have to design a dark pattern, reflecting on ethical principles.

I would really appreciate some creative ideas.
Thank you very much.


That sounds intense. Can you give some more background? What have you come up with so far? This sounds interesting.


Actually, I just got the assignment today. And I have been having a difficult time finding an initial idea. We can be creative without limitations with this projects. The idea is to be “unethical” and to design for one of the seven sins.
If you have any ideas, please share them with me.


Why don’t you start by doing some research into dark patterns? Lots of them have to do with brands “tricking” people into buying things that they don’t need, which certainly sits within the realm of greed.


Google dark patterns or unethical design and you will get lots of inspiration. The more research you do, you’ll find that the more ideas that will come to you


Thank you very much for your reply.