Design critique on a summary page

Hi all guys,

This is my first time posting here. I hope you can give me some feedback. I work as a UX/UI designer for a fintech company. One project I was involved in lately was an ecommerce for health insurance plans. I mocked up a screen based on our user’s requirements, but my team lead said it was not good because there were:

  • typographic issues (poor hierarchies),
  • spacing issues (elements didn’t feel grouped)
  • color issues (she referred to my choice of colors, rather than the contrast issue)
    And suggested I take design classes. Thing is that I don’t see any of these problems at all and she did not elaborate further. Can any of you spot these problems on my design? I’ve added her final improved version of the screen as well.
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

I see what your design lead is saying. There’s no visual contrast among the elements. Everything kinda just meshes in together

I wouldn’t call it typographic issues, but you definitely need to work on hierarchy of elements. Things like spacing and weight need to be addressed.

Designlab has a good 4 week Design 101 class online.

Thank you very much for your feedback. And I will have a look at that Design 101 Class.

One of things I immediately noticed when it comes to hierarchy is the lack of a clear call to action. Right now the continue button is small and placed below the content. It doesn’t jump out to you and because it is outside of the content it doesn’t feel connected to the rest of the items on the page.