Delete vs overrider

Hi All, If the user has uploaded the wrong file, what is the correct interaction to handle it?

2 Options -

  1. The user will upload the file, if they found that the uploaded file is incorrect, they will click on the delete icon and delete the file, then he will upload right and get a successful message.
  2. If he finds that the uploaded file is incorrect, he will re-upload the file and it will override the existing file and get a successful message.

In this interaction, which one is the correct approach?

Option one for sure. If this is a really important field you might also add a little message below or next to the input with: Make sure you upload the correct file. This way you’ll trigger the user to activate System 2, doing that will give a higher chance that the user will upload the correct file the first time (so no retry needed).

System 1 & System 2 explanation:
This is some brainwork, literally. This is a theory about how your brain works, so this is psychology and a little UX.

This first video is a short interview with Daniel Kahneman, he’s the one that found out about the systems. Pretty impressive and mind-blowing right? Also, watch the animated video to be sure you understand it. After that try reading this blog, which contains a lot more information.

If you have time left and you find this part interesting than you should watch a long talk of Daniel.

I agree with @sandervolbeda. Option 2 triggers uncertainty and questions which you will have to answer. What happens to my previous file? Will it be deleted or renamed? Should I rename the file manually? Option 1 seems to be more clear.

However, what if a user did not remove the wrong file and tries to re-upload a file with the same name? Probably, you should ask if a user is doing what they intended to. Maybe they selected the same file mistakenly.