Deciding between this course in Spanish and this one in English



Hi guys.

Do any of you know Spanish? I’m trying to decide which of this two courses to take.

User Research
. Taught, in Spanish, by Misael León on Platzi.

  • I like the fact that it’s in my own country, so the contacts can be more meaningful and they should have a better idea of the work context of user researchers in this country.

  • I also like the fact that I could be one of its first students. In my experience taking a self-paced course when it’s starting increases the chances of really interacting with fellow students.

User Research - Methods and Best Practices. Taught in English on the Interaction Design Foundation.

  • I get to be a member of the foundation for a year and I can take other courses as long as I’m a member.

Can you please check out the information of both courses and tell me which one do you think it’s better and why?