Date pickers



So we are currently having an office debate re date pickers!

I have said they need to be in a forgiving format so the user can type dots or slashes or hyphens they can type 01 or 1 and all should be accepted.

The standard html5 one is pretty nasty (up/down arrows, a poor calendar control etc)

The technology we are using is AngularJS so if anyone can tell me of a nice plugin / standard control which is all accessibility friendly that would be great :slight_smile:


we are developing our product with the same technology
do you know this framework?(


Thank you, that looks really good but our date picker would be empty by default, how would this work in that scenario?

(So good to find someone else using the same technology!)


Sorry I didn’t understand
you are going to provide a date picker empty by default?


Yes, the user is setting up a trip so will be specifying dates for the trip:


maybe I’m stupid but, as a user, I expect that the date picker starts from today due to the fact that should be not possible to plan a trip for the past…


We’ve had issues where if we pre populate it they don’t change it!

If they leave it as the default of todays date, and then don’t publish until tomorrow no payments could be made to it as the trip has passed. In the date picker you are right in that we don’t allow them to input a date in the past though.


I was thinking to do something like this: