Data charts UX/UI


Hi guys, I’m new to this, but let’s see how many responses I get :smiley:

I was wondering if anyone has worked with charts and data (UX/ UI) ?
I’m working on a new app, where I want to show the amount of data/minutes/texts used per month in charts (preferably in percentage) but do you guys have any recommendations on how to show a chart, where you’ve reached your limits and use more than 100 %?
Eg. I have a limit of 10 GB data per month and I’ve used 15 GB. How would you show that in the best way possible?

Thanks :slight_smile:


hi @lilly_d89

I guess that to help users to understand what’s going on you should use a super simple design with the most important data, something like this (it is a low-fi mock I don’t know anything about your CDI and the UI you use for your app):

I hope it will help


It’s not a recommendation for best practices, but my Android environment represents it like so:

There might be many ways to improve on it, but it’s an interesting way to represent it. I do like that it shows time-series data so that I can see if there are any strange spikes or get an idea of average usage.


@dopamino @treyroady Thank you guys for your response. I will def. use this as inspiration :slight_smile: