CX Audit Training

Hey everyone!

I’ve been looking for CX training (paid) to have a better understanding of how to conduct a workshop, but I haven’t found much information, anyone has any recommendation?

Cheers from New Zealand!

Nope, ideas? help?

Hi @rodboc I’m not sure about workshops in the NZ area but online resources you could try include, Facilitation Techniques and Workshop Activities | Library | SessionLab.

Rather than looking for CX workshops, consider looking beyond into ‘facilitation workshops’. There should be a number of people who are not in UX/CX but who are really good facilitators. The skills you learn would be transferable.

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Love you! haha
Thanks so much for the information, this is gold!

You’re welcome!
Sorry if you already across this but a few key tips I’ve learned over the years: make sure that you include activities that work for both quiet and “loud” people I.e some people need reflective time while others want to jump straight into it.
I’m a big fan of using different activities to draw out what you need, rather than it being a talkfest.
Use a parking lot for the discussion points that will inevitably pop up that will be out of scope.

Good luck!

Thanks so much for all the information, how do you set which exercise will you do before the workshop?

Hi @rodboc I think it depends on a combination of how complex the tasks will be and the current level of openness and trust within your group. If it’s a group where everyone is new, I’d allow some check-in space first and have them prepare their name tags. Good activities for new groups are those that allow you to go from small group to big group in a manageable way (as opposed to one person talking to the entire group). Have them split into couples first, then couples find another couple, until you have a large group. Make the task something not serious or part of the actual work that will be done later.

If they already know each other but it’s the first time they will be doing a workshop like this, then you need to create safety and trust so that they will diverge. The might think they are not competent, so I’d focus on enabling that mindset change. You could have them prepare a board about a topic that is safe but prepares them to open up, could be something like an experience, a person that meant a lot to them when growing up, a situation where they’ve learned they had a talent.

If you give me more details about the tasks and purpose I could probably suggest something more detailed.