Customer journey mapping in an agile team?


How does CJM workshopping work in an agile team?

Why am I asking this question? I currently do UX research and design in a small team and our research data feeds into our sprints. We need to do a bunch of CJMs / Experience maps because I want some legacy artefacts that a) consolidate our user research evidence b) can be used for future team education. Some of the team are very deep domain experts and most of the devs have been exposed to research data and the design insights that are evidence based.

We already have design principles, high level CJM stages, personas and a few bits and pieces that are grounded in the research.

When I look at advice on facilitating CJM workshops none of it seems to fit this situation. I want a CJM that is grounded in the data. So at a fundamental level my question is, do I get the whole dev team in a room, with all our raw post-its from user research (i.e. specific to the persona we are mapping for) and ask them to develop more detail for the existing high-level journey phases?

Looking at the time this would take, I think the CEO would have a fit… and I’m not sure it’s really necessary.

How would you approach this situation? Not sure if I’ve outlined my question clearly…


@irith thanks for bringing up this question, i am looking for a help too, on this process. In fact you can check one of my other header “Enterprise UX solution”, i have asked a similar question there.


I realised that the reason I was getting stuck is that we didn’t need to create a CJM from scratch, we actually already had the functioning elements of a CJM in different artefacts… what we needed was the next iteration where we consolidated our understanding into 1 artefact for 1 particular persona… clarity helps!