CRO issues in my site

Hi masters and mastresses (I think)!
my company has a website that drives an average of 800 users per month, 95% of them are new users. However, the number of goals completed is an average of 8 per month, 1%. My growth end goal is to reach a 2.5% conversion rate.
The solutions I’ve thought about until now are:

  • Adding a floating CTA button
  • Moving the contact (this is what we consider a conversion ATM) to be the second strip.
    I would love to hear your opinion!

Hello! Have you conducted testing with your audience?

No, I’m planning on doing so in the coming weeks.

Cool. That should give you more relevant answers.

hi @darealwolfric
first of all, the work your company does is awesome!
By browsing the showcases I went in love with the UI the animations and the infographics.

If I well understood the topic, the conversion rate is the sum of the valid contact forms you receive, right?

I think that the floating CTA for activating the contact form could be a good starting point.
I would reuse the room you gave to the “settings” icon.
I’m not 100% sure this add value to the whole experience, maybe you tested it and I would love to hear what’s the reason to have it there.

On top of that I would add a simple section in any project detail pages to invite the users to provide their emails in order to receive more details on that specific project/topic.
As a dumb scenario, it could be that I’m a Product Owner of a company that operates in the cyber security field and I don’t care at all of the weather forecast.

I would think on a couple of options, create a quick and dirty wireframe (I love your low fidelity design too) and then I would validate both of them with a qualitative usability test.

Good luck with it!

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