Creative Exercise Challenge



[Afternoon] all!

I have stumbled on an idea for the design of my resume: Pointing hands. I am convinced that including the hands would give my resume that ‘pop’ that ‘makes it stand out’, and they fit my simple design style.

That said, I have gotten mixed feedback between the hands being ‘really cool’ and ‘feels clutter-y’.

I am getting tired of playing with these hands, so I am offering them to you, UX Mastery Nerds, as a creative challenge to include nice-looking and useful Resume Pointing Objects. Show me how you would change this idea to work.

The constraints are:
-Objects need to be pointing at ‘Projects’.

The constraints are not:
-hands (yet I’ve liked using the ones included so far.)

I have included a PDF and a Sketch file of my resume layout with the majority of irrelevant information replaced with something hopefully less distracting. (Edit: I can only include .jpgs apparently. That’s fine, yet the PDF and Sketch file will be available at this Google Drive folder if you want those.)

Please reply with pen/pencil sketches, jpgs, or just a comment down below!

I will pick a ‘winning’ idea by the end of Friday, 26 January 2018.
The winner gets to ask me to perform 2 actions of their choosing. (keep it PG :wink: )(time constraint of 1 week since being declared the winner)
If it’s an IRL challenge, you may ask for video proof.

Good luck all!

P.S. I do have a form of this resume without Hands at all that I am satisfied with - I can hand that into employers now. Yet, when I look at the one with pointing hands, I feel much more happy with it!



…that feeling when you find a creative exercise you really want to do, but simply don’t have time. I’m excited to see what people come up with!