Creating UX flow for refund

I am Working on a Payment get way I need some advice, I will explain the scenario I have a invoice generated from Merchants App and Payment has been done by user( Split payment). I need to create a refund structure Where merchants can refund individual item, some percentage of the total billing amount, to a particular user.

Now my concerns are how do merchants recognize a particular User to refund.

Basically my question in how to create a UX flow for split Payment?

Hello @rajdip_mitrra! I’m having a hard time following your question. Are you saying that you have two users who have combined to pay for multiple items, one of these items is now being refunded, and you need to decide how to refund the appropriate user for that particular item?

Hi @rajdip_mitrra – happy to help, but as @dougcollins says, some clarification would be useful. :slight_smile:

Is that user not referenced in the invoice?
And by split payment, do you mean split across users or across different purchase items?