Creating an area for a co-brand logo... always white background?


Im trying to explore the use a super light gray background color behind partner logo instead of stark white that is typical.
This is for Saas white-label platform masthead area.

Hex efefef has added some elegance coupled with our logo. But, as partner logos will take its place, Im wondering if I should entertain going white.

Any insight welcome!


Hey there,
Great to hear from you – welcome to the madhouse.

Are you able to link to a prototype or include a screenshot?


Depending on the tech expertise and size of your partners you may find a lot of them uploading logos on white backgrounds which would definately look amateurish.


Very true. We would have to avoid these issues by having the bk be transparent uploaded png or on the light-gray background. So many saas companies use stark white, gets kind of ad nauseam. But, definitely provides easier logo processing. I am trying to avoid mediocrity. Some partners are on black backgrounds. That will be interesting!