Creating a typology of mobile game players


Let’s say I wanted to create a typology of mobile game players (re: their motivations for playing), much like the Bartle (but better, of course).

My current plan is: pilot study to identify playing motivations (open-ended), pilot study with most identified open-ended questions posed as close-ended questions (get % of people endorsing each); write large-scale survey to capture; factor analyze motivations into typology.

A) Any suggestions as to research articles I might want to read/reference?
B) Any methodological suggestions beside what I’ve outlined?
C) Any suggestions for important outcome variables I might want to validate my types against, ultimately?

Thanks for your feedback! I value my UX Community! =)



Somehow this topic completely slipped off my radar. I think it is one that Erin Hoffman-John would be able to offer great insight into. I’ll loop her in.