Creating a Killer Portfolio



Hey Shannon,

It is very slick! Love the blue header - blue always makes things look so much more professional. And I agree with Hawk that image with the pretty whiteboard thing is really working for you.

There are a few things that did stand out to me.

I am UX-er but please feel free to ignore me - I have as habit of being brutally honest but please understand I only want to help you :slight_smile:

The first thing I saw was ‘hire me’ and I though 'ooh where will that take me?! ’ so I clicked it and it scrolled really fast all the way down to the fat footer. It wasn’t easy to look at and made my eyes spin and definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting it to lead to contact details just minus the visual rollercoaster :slight_smile:

Whenever I see this ‘Thanks for visiting my online portfolio’, I find it as annoying as “Welcome to the intranet!”. It’s just derr-factor and noisy. I think there are better ways to communicate what it is I’m looking at and I think you do that very well without reminding people they are online.

I clicked on the hamburger and the scrolling thing happened again - I don’t see how the hamburger adds value on the desktop version. Is it just there for mobile? I’m on my laptop. You already know what I think of the scrolling.

Ok now some good news - I really like it how you’ve put your accomplishments first. That’s really important information and you’ve surfaced it well.

The heading “UX portfolio” confuses me - I thought the whole site was the portfolio?

Why do I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the ‘career snapshot’? It looks like you couldn’t find a home for it and buried it at the bottom.

This is nice “If you are searching for an enthusiastic and passionate UX practitioner, let’s chat. I’m seeking to join a product-driven UX team in Melbourne.” I would move it up to next to your presenting photo.

I hope this is helpful and not too brutal! I’m lucky enough to work in a very flat and safe environment where I can say what I think (and be told what others think) and the design is better for it.


How have you found things since you posted last Shannon? I notice your portfolio still lists you as looking for work. Any bites?


Hi All,

I have just completed the free course on springboard created by julia debari in ux and loved it. now i am at the create a portfolio step and am stumped on how to proceed. there is a project as part of the course that i am working through on my own. but i dont know if it’s good or right. is there a step by step process i can use to create a portfolio somewhere on the web? or maybe a book of project ideas? would you suggest i get a mentor to help me walkthrough the portfolio process step by step? i got the knowledge from the springboard course now i just need to apply it. would you suggest taking another course in the hopes that its project based? i dont want to waste time course hopping. i want to stay focused and get my portfolio setup so i can apply for my first job asap. Thoughts?


Sorry for the late response @erin_mccool – somehow your post slipped under my radar.

I can help.

[quote=“erin_mccool, post:23, topic:216”]
but i dont know if it’s good or right
[/quote] Every project is good for a portfolio – it all comes down to how you document your process and present it. Here are some of my favourites, with notes about why:

There is this Udemy course (which is currently on sale for $10)

Here is some advice that I compiled a while back:

Nope – not necessarily. There are other ways to find projects. This article has some ideas:

This topic is also useful:

And another article that I like:


thank you so much for all the info. ive seen the david travis article and
am taking his course on ux now.