CPUX certificate



since I am still a newbie in UX world, and besides occasional project I am involved in, I was looking for any sort of courses and certificates one can get that would help to land a UX job. I came across CPUX (http://uxqb.org/en/) and was wondering whether the certificate is popular among UX professionals and recognised by tech companies as getting a certificate is not the cheapest option.



Hi @ziemowit – I haven’t yet heard of CPUX.

We have a huge list of online UX courses here. We’ve also discussed bootcamps at great length. Have a read of this topic.


Hi @ziemowit,

I have heard of CPUX, but I know in the United States it doesn’t mean much. In the field of UX, most certificates don’t really matter, what matters is you can do the work and that you have a strong portfolio.

As HAWK mentioned, it would be better to take some courses and get some knowledge that way.



Thanks for the replies! I was just wondering whether any of the certificates available to get have any value for future employers. *gets back to studying :wink: