Course on Agile for Lean UX?


I’m looking to get myself ready to work within an agile environment for UX and understanding in more detail how that impacts the overfall process. Can anyone recommend a short-ish course where I could pick up the fundamentals? There are a ton of Agile courses out there but it would be terrific if I could find one specifically focused on UX or even on design projects in general.

I found this to be a good start but would like to go on to learn more now:

@kfd0 - maybe you have an idea for me?


This ones abit full on and is probably more than you need in UX but it does prepare you for everything:

What do you think of it?


Oh, it looks good but, of course, London is a LONG commute from the central coast of California, haha!
I checked to see if GA offered a similar course in San Fran but it doesn’t look like it currently.

I was pleased to see that GA offers short term ONLINE classes as well, something I didn’t know about - I’m interested in checking those out in further detail


@amanda_stockwell might have some advice here