Course for someone going form graphic design to UI?

Hi everyone. I am currently a graphic designer and have been doing some UI work already in my current job. My employer would really like to move me into a more UI or UX focused role so I am looking for some course ideas that would make sense for someone going from graphic design to UI. I’ve seen career foundry but need some less costly backup ideas as well sine they may not go for a $3k course.

Any recommendations? I saw a nice list on the UX mastery site but for some reason I am not able to reach that site today.

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Good to hear you’re interested in coming over to our world! Question-- knowing what you know about the UX world right now, where do you think you need the most help? Different courses have different focuses, and one may be more helpful in fixing some problem areas than others.

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That’s a good question! So far I’ve done wireframes, designed some sites + mobile (look only no dev), provided web specs. Still, I am a trained print designer, so though I do feel I have look and feel down in some instances - there is a big difference in designing for web vs designing for web. General design knowledge I am good on - but I don’t have any development skills. Not sure what would be the most useful as it seems I am mostly on the UI side of the fence. However, I think having that knowledge would really be helpful to me when talking to our developers so I know what I’m talking about - and what is possible vs what is not. Welcome to ideas on where you think I might find the most benefits.

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also - sorry i may have sent you an email by mistake when trying to send one in question of the ebook i ordered. outlook autopopulated!

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I agree with @dougcollins about the multidisciplinary nature of UX, and really identifying an area for focus.

Where are you located? It’s pretty helpful in the UX world to get used to a team environments, so taking in-person classes has definitely been my preference. I live in the Seattle area, which is relatively tech-focused, and there are a lot of schools that are starting to offer UX evening classes geared toward working adults. I’ve also seen a lot of evening courses pop up in community colleges.

Best of luck on your journey!

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I am in Des Moines, Iowa. Unfortunately there are not a lot of in person type classes offered here on the topic.

Hey @christina_m_williams – welcome!

Have you seen our list of UX courses? It might be a good option to take a few of those while you decide what areas you like best.

I can especially recommend – you can read @AshleaMcKay’s review here.


Hey @christina_m_williams!

If you need any more info or have any questions about the CareerFoundry UI course then just let me know - I’m a Community Manager there and would be happy to help :slight_smile:


It looks very comprehensive. I need advice on how to convince my manager to spend the $ on it :wink: