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Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m transitioning into UX and finally I know what problem I want to work on to build my portfolio. As mentioned, the contextual inquiry was made with typeform which is super-easy and fun to use. These are the questions I’ll ask participants of the specific audience. I will conduct this contextual inquiry in person and record their answers. You can review it here here Thanks!



Hi there,
I attempted your survey but found the questions a bit ambiguous and couldn’t complete it.
Would you like some help with reformulating your questions? I think you’ll return more valuable data with a bit of tweaking. :slight_smile:



Yes, sure. Thanks.



I’ve started your Survey and agree with Hawk. Would you like some feedback?
I’ll just put my first comment here and then give more if you do.

The greeting message included the words “We know you’ll find this experience as enjoyable as we would appreciate your answers.” This threw me a bit, one because I had to read it multiple times to figure out what it was actually saying, it also slightly raised my hackles as it was a bit… presumptuous? I would suggest instead saying something like “We hope you will find filling out this survey as enjoyable, and you answers will appreciated.” instead? I’m sure it wasn’t meant to come across as it does.

When someone first comes to answering a survey, you want to be as helpful as you can at getting them to click start and move through your survey to completion. They are spending their (quite often valuable) time doing this, so you want to make the most of that and have that shine through :slight_smile: .


Hi Natalie,

Yes, I’d like your feedback, and good point about the welcome message. Thanks.


I think the reason why it may be ambiguous is because it’s more of a contextual inquiry. After I understand the data, then I plan on creating a questionnaire (survey) figuring out what people need and not need. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the term survey here, I meant contextual inquiry, cause ultimately the survey is almost the same as a questionnaire anyway. I want to do that after to narrow it down to multiple-choice which you were looking for. But let me know what you think. Thanks.


The thing that I found confusing was the lack of context. For instance, the first question is:

How long do you usually stay at a hotel?*

Do you mean in one particular instance? Per month? Per year? Ever?

What makes you choose a hotel and not the other?*

Again, I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Do you mean why choose a hotel over some other kind of accomodation, or why choose one hotel over another hotel?

I think refining the questions a bit will result in better data.


Thanks for your feedback, Hawk. I guess I meant how many times per year do you stay in a hotel and Why choose one hotel over another hotel. Great observation, I’ll polish it. Thanks. :slight_smile:


What I have seen over the years is asking open ended questions is always better. Although, here the context is not clear, but then we shouldn’t be asking anything very specific also which might get us very little insight.


Hi Puneet,

Exactly. That’s the best way, once the context is clear.


Hi LadyT,

Can you please share or post it back the revised Questionnaire after the feedback from Hawk and Natalie. Thanks