Computer Science Minor

For a new graduate, how important is a Computer Science minor? I am about to complete my Cognitive Science degree, but I am having scheduling problems with my minor.

I’m planning on finishing my undergrad by the end of 2016, but with waitlists and low priority as a minor, I would have to stay until March 2017 to finish up one more class and complete my minor. Is that extra 3 months of school worth it for finding my first UX Design job?

I really want to go back to school in a couple of years after I start working, so I think I can make up for it anyways, but would the minor help my initial job hunt?

I go to UC San Diego and I’d like to find a job in San Diego if that makes a difference in competing for jobs. Thanks!

No, I don’t think so. Luke gives some great advice around the importance of degrees in this topic. It’s brilliant if you can make it work, but I don’t think it will ultimately have a huge impact on your future work capabilities.

And welcome, by the way. Great to have you on board. If you have a sec, jump into this topic and tell us a bit about yourself. :slight_smile:


I agree with Hawk. For the UX world, at least, your degree, and to a lesser extent your minor, matters less than you might suppose. Employers right now value real-world experience over classroom experience. Start jumping in and getting your feet wet however you can ASAP. Working on Open Source projects or partnering with another developer to work on smaller projects are great ways to get rolling.