Communicating user research findings


Hi guys,

Taking advantage of this month’s topic: What method do you use to record and share research findings with other stakeholders? For instance, say you’ve learned some exciting new stuff about your end user — how do you take advantage of that in a team/agency environment?

The reason I ask is because we often have teammates who don’t get the chance to participate in field research for a particular project, and I think it’s very important to find a consistent and ‘unbiased’ way to share all those findings. I’ve seen everything from Google docs, to A4 sheets, PDFs, brief meetings, and the good and old chat (online or offline)…


Agreed. I’ve seen a couple of intranets with specific areas for this kind of research to be stored, which works well in organisations where multiple people need to access parts of it for different reasons in the future.

Coming from a community perspective, when clients ask me to help them to build a concept or write and implement a [community] strategy, user research (and specifically personas) is a hugely valuable resource and it’s great to be able to access that remotely and securely, after the fact.